Twitch API WebHook Channel Resubscription

Regarding this reference: topic-subscription-events
Does this webhook send notify when a user RE-subscribe to a channel (also automatically)?
If so, what “event_type” is provided?

Thanks in advance.


Will send a notification on “payment occurance”
And send a notification of “shared in chat”

For a sub/resub it’s just subscriptions.subscribe
For a chat notification it’s subscriptions.notification

A resub isn’t differtianted from a sub.

I asked why as you can read from the documentation: they recommend “EventSub’s channel.subscribe”, but in that case it is reported that only the subscription is notified and not the renewal.

The link you refererrenced in you OP in this thread refers to Webhooks not event sub

EvetnSub is nicer but its doesn’t support “resubsciption notifications” yet

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