Twitch authentication


I trying to make demo, like login with twitch authentication in native browser by using Unreal engine 4 IDE.
How user redirect after login successfully and redirects to application continue? (e.g twitch login open in native browser and after login it again redirects to application continue)
So, I am facing an issue, how it redirects to application again? is twitch provide any redirect callback mechanism?

Since you do

UE4 opens UE4 native browser
User logins into Twitch,
user accepts/denies application
User is redirected to the specified redirect

You can use a custom URI Schemes in a redirect. (myapp://twitchredirect course myapp will be more named like your thing is called)

So if you UE4 project can register one, you can redirect to that.

A quick google suggests

The suggestion don’t look very Unreal-y, I know Electron (nodeJS) has a bunch of handlers built in to do it “easily”, rather than this registry soluition. As I don’t speak Unreal I don’t know what Unreal can do, but a custom URI schema is the way to go here I think, and should at least point you in the right direction