Twitch Desktop App on Windows is lagging


I dont know if this is the right place to post this but please help!

Recently all the streams I watch on my Twitch Desktop App is lagging. The video frame is delay so that the video and sound is not in sync. And in generel everything that I interact with on the app is a bit laggy. If I take the curser and move it in a out from the chat to the video frame it also results in lag with the stream that Im watching.

I think there was an update for some days ago and that update is maybe causing the problem - I don’t know?

Please help me out - I really like to use the desktop app instead of browser.

Looking forward to hear from anyone who can help!?

Søren ‘Cowfoot’ Koefoed R. Madsen

We cannot help with this issue as it’s a first party issue.

Please notify @TwitchSupport on Twitter about the issue, or open a ticket

This forum is for third party developer support.

Thanks for the reply. I will open a ticket! :smiley:

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