Twitch DM Limit

Hello there. I am a mod for a streamer that works private in IT and helps people with hardware and pc configs. So because many links dont work, all links get sent to me and I send the working ones to the streamer. (we have 3 other mods, but I did this today) and so I get a lot of dms and as feedback that everything is fine, I obviously reply, but at some point, I couldn’t. I could chat with the streamer (I guess because we are friends on twitch) but not with the people sending me messages. So now after my investigation, I know that u can’t have more than 40 different people to chat with, even if they chat with only me that day and texted me first. is there a solution to let me chat more with the people? I am not really spamming, because someone else would just continue the link acception.

In regards

It is not possible to request a whisper rate limit increase for personal usage. If you need to privately contact lots of individuals I suggest you do it off-platform such as Discord, Slack, or by email.

Personally I’d probably setup an run an offsite portal or Twitch Extension to accept the submissions if spamming chat is to be discouraged.

Then stuff lands in a queue and mods can login to that portal and moderate them there and forward on as needed.

Then you can optimise delivery to the streamer.

Even a simgle google form would do the trick in the short term

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