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is this category also for suggestions about the API?

I would suggest, to return also the campaign_id of the drop in the get entitlements api-request.

without the campaign_id i can’t handle missing entries in my database. Im pretty sure that the EventSub is working good, but i also like fallback-scenarios :slight_smile:
And, if someone needs no realtime updates, EventSub isn’t involved into the drops flow anymore.

(if i miss something, feel free to let me know :))


Feature requests should be submitted on UserVoice, this is the link for Drops related suggestions:

One option may be for you to define your own Reward ID for each reward, as documented here: Drops | Twitch Developers

With a custom reward id (rather than leaving it blank so it generates its own GUID), you could name each reward in way that would let you determine the campaign. For example campaign1-1234-56743-2425, and that Reward ID is returned in the Get Drops Entitlements endpoint as the benefit_id. The downside to this would be you would need to need each reward to be specific to a campaign and not using one reward in multiple campaigns.

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thanks for the link - i created the suggestion for that here:

re-creating rewards is a solution, but i would like to put this system into “no developer” hands; so the UI from the twitch console is really easy to use - so my community manager can reuse all the items there (like it is - i think - planned from the twitch team)

but now, i hope that EventSub is firing correctly :smiley:

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