Twitch having trouble getting the stream key

Hey I am trying to get the stream key from my Twitch account in order to create an application that will let me stream from my browser to multiple platforms including twitch. When I try to get the stream key I get these warnings in the screenshot below. Does anyone know why i am getting these warning and how to resolve them? Also here is a js fiddle link with the code:

you can also look at the github repo which i got most of the code from: twitch_misc/authentication/implicit_auth at main · BarryCarlyon/twitch_misc · GitHub

Those “warnings” are an “alert” to the Authenticating user, that the Client/Application is asking for some “potentially dangerous permissions”

So it’s an "alert’ that the streamer should be sure to make sure they are authing what they want to auth.

Also don’t forget to use your own ClientID rather than my GitHub Examples one :smiley:

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Oh wow, thanks for the fast response! Thanks for creating that repo btw, it is super helpful and yes I will be using my own key :slight_smile:

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