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Right know mods can see the users logs after the user sends a message on the chat however sometimes a banned user wants us the review why they are banned. And we can not see those logs without first unbanning the user wanting it to send a message and then see the logs. Is there a plan to add log viewer to chat or the channel moderation setting. I looked around on the dev logs and i see that it is fetched from the graphql enpoint. Am i as a developer allowed to use that enpoint only for fetching user logs?


Use the chat command

/user username

or for your “click to view” needs

GraphQL is NOT intended for third party use

Only end points documented on are for third parties to use.

Anything else make break or change at any time, and GraphQL shouldn’t be used, since you can’t obtain a valid Token to use with it


Thank you so much


Does twitch explicitly prohibits the use of graphql api. I would like to toy around with it. Or may it result on bans or something like that.


It may result in bans/blocking from the API

Most of GraphQL requires a first party token/clientID which under normal operation you cannot obtain.

So basically yes.

Further more you may be in violation of the Dev TOS as you are reverse engineering the Twitch Website.

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