Twitch overlay extension


server end is good as I can broadcast the score directly to individual channels, but how the score overlay will know that this data is for me and need to update the score.

score overlay not have channel id with it right?


As I already covered:

using code similar to this in your extension

window.Twitch.ext.listen('broadcast', function (topic, contentType, message) {
    try {
        message = JSON.parse(message);
    } catch (e) {
        // this accounts for JSON parse errors
        // just in case



ok, got it. I will verify it with server code
can we user channel name in place of channel id like below to broadcast message to a channel?



No it’s channelID as documented


I am not getting channel-Id from the following Helix endpoints. passing Client-ID in header

I want to use the helix APIs only as in Twitch documentation the following is mentioned

you can migrate from v3 to v5, know that v5 is deprecated and will be shutdown in the future. We prefer that you migrated directly to the new Twitch API.


There is no channel endpoint on Helix, so it returns a 404

You want

To get a User, as a User is a channel.

if you are trying to get current game/title for a offline stream, you cannot currently do that with Helix.


ok, and “id”: “491630980” in this response is channel-Id right?

“data”: [
“id”: “491630980”,
“login”: “tariquewaseem”,
“display_name”: “tariquewaseem”,
“type”: “”,
“broadcaster_type”: “”,
“description”: “”,
“profile_image_url”: “”,
“offline_image_url”: “”,
“view_count”: 190


That is Correct

A user_id is the same as a channel_id


what is the use of following three files in twitch extension code

  1. config.html
  2. config.js and
  3. live_config.html


Config Page is HTML shown to the Broadcaster when they hit “the configure extension cog”

Live Config is shown in the dashboard


ok, so we can use config.html to show the scoreboard extension in the bottom of the all channel right?

what can we do for this?



“Config Path” is presented to the broadcaster when they configure the extension
“Live Config Path” is presented to the broadcaster when they click the button in the dashboard to open that window.

The “Elite Track” window in the “Live Config view” was opened when I clicked the “Elite Track” button in the dashboard


so what should I do to show the my scoreboard extension in the bottom of the all channel?


Sounds like you need a panel extension.

Panels show below the stream for channels that it is installed upon


No, I will require the overlay extension to achieve the functionality like below


Then you need a video extension.

Which’ll then show on channels that have intalled and activated your extension into the video slot.

Or you need a CLR browser source and the caster includes it in their streaming software and it’s encoded into the stream


I have created the video extension only

A video-overlay extension renders on top of the video player as a transparent overlay. Overlay Extensions are viewable only when the channel is live.

Can we configure it to be displayed in the channel’s stream bottom always?


Define “always”?

A video extension will do whatever you define it to do.

It’s a webpage that overlays the stream. So if you set the body to be 100% by 100%, then you can put a div in that body and place it at the bottom using CSS.


Working, thank you Barry


I want to test my livescore extension on my channel, for which I have uploaded my assets in Twitch. Activate and set as Overlay 1 done

Now when live it is not showing me my extension on channel, getting the following