Twitch overlay extension


ok, Let me remove iframe and add the svghtml.html code directly in the wrapper div. will it work then?


I didn’t expect the contents of svghtml

you should consult the guidelines for further information


Done the changes according to document, score-overlay is still not displaying.
Where is the gap now. Please help me to troubleshoot it. Your account is already white-listed for testing.


You are not live.

you need to fix your console so it returns the errors that I can see but you cannot.


just started live streaming. what I need to do to see the console error you are getting?


Check your console filter levels.

404 probably a bad upload


you mean the files are uploaded correctly?

my console setting are as following:


Error returned is a 404.

Your files are not uploaded correctly.


You couldn’t see this error, suggersting a problem with your console


looks like twitch ext library is not loading

do I need to download it and then use it?


No, your Extension itself is not loading as it 404’s

Later a console error throws as the extension library is not loaded, which is a separate error to your extension HTML failing to load at all due to the 404

No, it must always be included in the head from the Twitch CDN.


Looks like you got it working


my mistake, in my previous upload, video_overlay file was not there.
I have uploaded the .zip again with all the files.

still getting the same massage. does twitch cache the files or do I need to change the extension version to fix the cache issue?


Everything looks fine here

<body style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">
    <div id="app" class="full-height"></div>
    <script src=""></script>

should be

    <script src=""></script></head>
<body style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">
    <div id="app" class="full-height"></div>

Technically. But its working on my screen with no relevant console errors


you mean, you are able to see the extension on channel?




That good but, Why I am not able to see the overlay on Stream Manager section? I have checked the ‘Elements’ in DevTools overlay code is not there.

but when I checked directly on Overlay is displayed.


As in the stream preview on the dashboard?

The dashboard stream preview doesn’t support extensions.


I am able to see the overlay on my channel after login. I think I should make the overlay public to see it without login.



For everyone to see the extension, it has to be released and pass the review process.


Thank you, I got my extension approved, Now I am able to see it on my channel.

One question: By default twitch saves the live streaming for 14 days. I am able to see the past streaming but My score overlay is not part of the stream recording. Any reason why?