Twitch PC SDK no longer supported


Since PC based broadcasting software has improved so much over the past year, we no longer recommend studios spend the time integrating game streaming directly into their PC game clients. Instead, we recommend studios to encourage their userbases to download third party broadcast solutions such as OBS, and promote their streaming community within their game with in-game viewing integrations and through all other communication channels such as social media and email.

Third party broadcast software such as OBS do not rely on the SDK and will be unaffected.

Also just to be clear, while we won’t be offering the PC SDK for new integrations, we will continue to support existing integrations. Also if you have a unique/creative idea for an integration we would still like to hear from you.

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I’d like to create a chat application for Twitch to allow me to integrate the chat channels of my channel and the channels hosting my own. Who do I get in touch with to download the old SDK to make this application?


You can accomplish that using the existing, still supported API. The SDK was (primarily?) for broadcasting from within an application, usually a game.


Am I understanding that Javascript SDK is out dated, and should be using the Rest API?


The JS SDK should still work just fine as it just makes using the REST API easier.