Twitch Prime Loot

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to add Path of Exile Loot to the Twitch Prime Loot. Should I send an email to twitch developers or is this the right place?

Hi @wi_tch,

If you are a representative for Grinding Gear Games and would like to talk to someone about Prime Gaming loot, please reach out to your Twitch business development partner. If you do not know how that is, I can have them reach out to their contact at Grinding Gear Games to coordinate a conversation.

If you’re not a representative for the company and just curious if/when Grinding Gear Games may add more items to Prime Gaming loot, I would suggestion following the news on their forum at Announcements - Forum - Path of Exile. This has been the place for announcing Prime Gaming loot in the past that I’m aware of.

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