Twitch staff: Is this extension allowed on Twitch?


I have a friend who is an artist who draws on stream but also sells his prints/stickers/keychains in his own webshop. I want to program a component extension specifically this friend of mine (and nobody else), that links to his own webshop (and maybe even displays images of what he sells).

Is this allowed? I am a bit confused regarding the Twitch extension guidelines and policies:

4.6.3 Off-site links may not refer users to sites where the main purpose is to buy products or services, unless the link is to Twitch or Amazon properties (except as allowed in 4.9).

which would indicate that this is not allowed since a web shop has the main purpose of selling products but then the mentioned exception 4.9 says:

4.9 Extensions may not include product branding unless (a) the Extension is whitelisted to a specific broadcaster and the brand shown is owned by the whitelisted broadcaster or (b) […]

Since the extension is specifically for my friend (and thus only whitelisted to him) and my friend of course owns his own web shop himself would this then be allowed? If so, are all of the mentioned things allowed or some not? (link to his webshop, image carousel with photos of his products, prices for those products listed below)

Thanks in advance,

If the entire purpose of the extension is to promote sales that occur off twitch I expect that to be declined.