Twitch Unban Requests Logging

Hi there, first time here so I apologise if this is in the wrong place. I’m writing in regards to a Twitch Mod Logs for Discord script that we’re working on, and we’re just wanting to know how the unban appeals work in terms of access.

From our lead dev: Basically there’s a pubsub topic (channel-unban-requests i believe). you can subscribe to it and receive unban requests as they’re submitted ONLY if you use the oauth token that the Twitch Website uses. An Oauth with every single scope will still give a bad auth, so it looks like we just don’t know what scope is required for accessing it.

The purpose of our script is to forward mod actions to a Discord channel - and we do have timeout, ban actions all the basics…

Except I was thinking to expand on other avenues like logging what people request in their ban appeals (as we don’t ever see them again once denied or approved by the moderator).

To stay in line with what’s sensible we’re obviously not gonna tell people to use the Oauth from the twitch website, are there any APIs or Scopes that are usable for this, or is that topic not intended for usage outside of the Twitch Website?


That is an undocumented topic, not intended for 3rd party use, so you should not be using it.

There is a feature request for API endpoints to view/control unban requests Please provide an API for the new "Unban Request" system – Twitch UserVoice so vote to show Twitch that there’s interest in such a feature.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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