Unable to set "broadcaster" configuration segment via Extension helper

I’m unable to set a value to the “broadcaster” segment of the Extension Configuration Service using the extension helper javascript. I had this working a few days and now I cannot understand why it does not work.

To test this I created a new Configuration view for my Extension in the Developer rig. It’s a static HTML file served from the rig and includes the Extension helper js file and an index.js file.

My index.js file contains the following:

const twitch = window.Twitch.ext;

twitch.onAuthorized(function(auth) {
twitch.configuration.set(‘broadcaster’, ‘0.0.1’, JSON.stringify({hope: “fully”}));

twitch.configuration.onChanged(function () {
// This value is ALWAYS null

As expected, when I first load the view the broadcaster segment is empty. But subsequent loads are also empty despite the fact that I’m calling the set method. ie. The set function never sets a value.

I can set values to the Configuration Service from the Configuration Service screen in the Developer Rig, but not from javascript in my view.

When I do this with the Developer Tools open in the Dev Rig I can clearly see the PUT request to Configuration Service.

But when I have the Developer Tools open and I use my Configuration view there is never any PUT request. So although my code calls the set function, the Extension helper is never making the PUT API request.

What am I doing wrong?

As I ran into the same issue this morning, I uploaded my files to twitch and in “hosted test” mode, the same commands are setting the new config properly.
So test your config handler once in hosted test and then use the dev rig config service for local development.

Afaik there are several things not implemented (yet?) into the dev rig, so for example the pubsub whispering will not work in the rig too, meanwhile pubsub broadcasts are received…