Update Channel missing in Helix API?

Does Helix still have no Update Channel?
Will I have to use the v5 API for this? Do I need to generate a new authorization token for v5?


If you don’t already have a token with the relevant scopes on yes.

Hopefully soon, before Kraken is removed

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I see that work on Helix is ​​very slow. Why is that?

No idea (not Twitch staff btw)

I don’t understand why to delete Kraken. I could now develop an application for Kraken, since Helix has been development for so long. After all, it is better to have two versions of the API.
Probably I should go to support with this question…

Support won’t be able to answer dev stuff and will send you back here/Dev Discord.

Which would then have us community devs tell you the same thing

We expect to have Feature parity between Kraken and Helix, before Kraken is removed.

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It sounds very sad. Thanks for answers!
Pretty silly thought with removing Kraken. Twitch does not give the opportunity to fully develop on Helix forcing to use Kraken, but scares by removing it. Genious! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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