User token for Get users api call

In order to use the “get users” api call ( /helix/users) we need to send a user auth token. Does the user token have to be connected to the user I want to use the api call on? For example, I would like to get info about users ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’, but the user auth token I have is from user ‘d’. Can I send that token (belonging to user ‘d’) in the /helix/users endpoint?
This is a bit confusing because on the one hand, I can pass in up to 100 login names to /helix/users with one token, but on the other hand, if the token doesn’t belong to the user I’m asking info about- why does it have to be a user token (and not app token for ex.)?

Yes specify the userID’s in the query string params, any token works.

You only need it to be a User Token if you omit all ID’s and names

An app access token is supported. This is omitted from the documentation and a uservoice exists to resolve this

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Thanks! Super helpful!

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