Users list in IRC clients missing for me?

I can confirm that it works in getting userslist now in Chatzilla by going to Preferences -> -> Lists -> Auto-perform and adding the /raw CAP REQ and /raw CAP REQ

Also got it working in Hexchat.

Edit: this is before joining any channels which works for me since I manually do /join #channelname anyways.

i edited the code to list the broadcaster:

    on *:NOTICE:The moderators of this room are*:#: {
    hload stream stream
    .hdel -w stream $chan $+ ;moderators;*
    var %modlist = $gettok($1-,2,58)
    var %modcount = $numtok($gettok($1-,2,58),44)
    var %i = 1
    while ( %i <= %modcount ) {
      var %modname = $mid($gettok(%modlist,%i,44),2)
      .hadd stream $chan $+ ;moderators; $+ %modname %modname

      inc %i
    set %broadcaster $right($chan,-1)
    .hadd stream $chan $+ ;moderators; $+ %broadcaster %broadcaster
    hsave -o stream stream

but now there is the following line in the list (couldnt format as code since $+ was removed then):

$+ ;moderators; $+ %modname %modname

anyways the broadcaster is now in the list

edit: code updated to fit the new output via NOTICE
Edit: removed if nick ( not needed anymore )
Working on a security thing to prevent setting mods on NOTICE send by a user via irc (hacking)

“In the list” you mean “in hash table”? Its probably caused by your manual input with single “/” from editbox (you need double “//” to evaluate commands).
And why do you hload it? If you request full list isnt it better to hfree old one and hmake again?

well i never used tables befor… basically i load the old file and save the changes (i think) atleast it works as it is atm if u have a better version or corrected version pls feel free to post the code :smile:

As i told, you dont need to save\load it, you get full list when type /mods, so its better to delete old table and create new empty. And that means that your $chan-entry was from later just keep being there due to your save\load. (When you add items to hash table - you RE-write old one if they match by value, but other old (moderators, who were un-moded from channel) will still exist in your hash, thats why you need to delete whole table.)

ok thx for the help :slight_smile: i didnt know that unmodded people will still be in the list

however i would really appreciate if u can post your version of my edited version of the code since i never used Hash tables and i dont know much about them

Checked your, didnt notice “hdel -w”, so its ok, just manually delete those $chan-entry form hash and “stream” file. Should be ok.

yea just tested it it does remove unmoded users thanks anyways :slight_smile:

also if i did misspell some stuff: sry my english writing isn’t the best i know. i can speak better english than i type lol

greetings from Germany.

You can also put this in your remote section if you want it to send the CAP REQ automatically on connect:

on ^*:LOGON:*:raw CAP REQ

or just put it in mIRC’s options (Connect -> Options -> Perform…) to perform commands on connecting to a specific server

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ok what happend to twitch now?! previously (with the CAPs commands and membership) JTVs response in channel chat in MIRC looked like:

<JTV> the moderators of this room are: (list of mods)

now it looks like: The moderators of this room are: (list of mods)

in red.
idk whats wrong now i tried manualy using the 2 CAPs but it still outputs it like that

why i post this here: well i posted a modified MOD hashtable code that is borked now as long as this ishue is a thing…

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cool thanks (all i had to do was switch TEXT to NOTICE ) post edited

code updated again since i forgot the if $nick == JTV
this causes a opssible security ishue … if a user knows about IRC and sends a NOTICE to the bot with the same text as twitch does it will get parsed and the user could add his name to the modlist.

is this actualy possible?

This is not regular IRC, users can’t send a NOTICE, only the server can.

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You need to use “if $nick ==” now.

Like SeeingBlue I’m also interested in where you got this get-command?
I tried it and it works like a charm, so I’m satisfied but I can’t find it in any documentation regarding
I’m just curious because maybe I’m missing out on other features that I could use in my application.

By digging about Twitch’s website and reverse engineering bits and pieces.

It’s not documented as you are not supposed to use it and it could change at ANY time

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