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I am not a developer but I am collecting information from twitch stat-related services that use twitch API. In some channels, ‘avg concurrent viewer’ value is like 1000 or more but the ‘view’ value is 0.

I checked from different services and they all seem to have the same value. I guess it is the API problem. I wonder how this is possible. In this case, what value should I trust?

Thank you!

Given that the API doesn’t report this value.

No idea how other stat-related services determine this information.

Thank you for your answer. Is ‘Insights & Analytics | Twitch Developers’ different from API? average concurrent viewer is stated there and I think the stat services are collecting data from game-developer-analytics API

Only Game Developers have access to this API, and then only to games that their organisation own.

And game developers will not be leaking their games statistics to anonomous third party stat gatehring websites.

I cannot use this API as I am not a game developer.

Having had a quick look at the Game Analytics for the Game i have access to, i cannot reproduce this. None of the Values reported in the CSV File reports “0”.

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