Website with 'Twitch' in name

If I have a web page with the name of ‘… Twitch …’ and Twitch Developers - Developer Applications, it won’t let me create an application that contains the word ‘Twitch’ what name should I give it.

Anything that doesn’t have Twitch in the name.

That is one of the reserved words, as you don’t own Twitch

But I don’t break any rules?
Since the page would not have the same name as the application

You can’t include Twitch in the name of an application extension.

Doesn’t matter if you are breaking any rules or not.

Okay, but do you know if a rule is broken?

if your website itself has Twitch in the name you may get a cease and desist due to infringing Twitch’s copyrights.

Really not sure what you are asking, Since the Dev console stopped you making an app/extension/clientID that breaks the rules…

I don’t understand your answer, I mean if there is any Twitch rule stating that I can’t use twitch for an app

There is:
User Names and Domain Names We do not allow use of Twitch Brand Assets, in whole or in part, as a domain name or user name. This prohibition extends to the name of a business, product, or service.

Twitch Brand Assets

Mean it own name, so I can not?

Twitches brand assets include it’s own name yes.

Okay, thanks for the clarification

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