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New here, nice to meet ya’ll. I’m trying to use the twitchlib with c#, but apparently it has a dependency on a library (websockets) that does not support Win 7, which is what I have. I finally scraped together the knowledge necessary to just supposedly be able to connect a bot to my twitch channel and got hit with this. Feels like I climbed a mountain only to find an impenetrable fortress on top. Does anybody have a suggestion on what to do about this? (My best idea so far is to buy win 10, run it in a virtual machine on top of win 7 and run the bot from there, but it feels way overkill for a twitch bot)


Windows 7 is far past its End Of Life (exclusive paid security patches nonwithstanding), so we can’t offer reasonable help for it here.
Your best bet will be to upgrade to Windows 10 as you will only continue to face such issues in the future.

If you have Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate or comparable, you may even be able to still upgrade for free / use your Serial Key to activate Windows 10.

You know, being new here I really tried to keep myself from replying to you. I really did. Between the time you responded and now I’ve stopped several times, but I just can’t not.

When something like this happens and after a long struggle a person hits a roadblock and they ask for help, a lot of responses are appropriate. Offer help if there is some, let the person tactfully know that the problem is in fact unsolvable if not, spitball ideas that may or may not work, there’s really room for a lot of stuff you could say that one would appreciate, even if ultimately it wouldn’t solve the problem.

Instead, you either assumed I’m too stupid realize using an OS that supports WebSockets would solve the issue of WebSockets not being supported by my OS, in which case what you wrote was patronizing condescension. Or your mental state at the writing of your message was in “let’s keep everything up to date” snobbery mode which would mean I just got chastized. Either way, I don’t feel like your answer came from a place of genuine desire to help.

If this feels a little too harsh, sorry, honestly, I’m proud it didn’t devolve into an obscenity filled all caps rant.

There isn’t a lot of advice to give here.

You either have to use an older version TwitchLib.
Or you have to upgrade your operating system.

Using a older version isn’t a good idea since it won’t be up to date with Twitch Changes. Or include relevant bug fixes.

So the best advice is to move from Windows 7 since M$ doesn’t support it anymore.

The third alternative is to build you own solution that doesn’t use TwitchLib.

Staying on an outdated operating system that isn’t being patched anymore is not a good idea and thus the best advice is to upgrade to Windows 10. Not just for this library but for the health of your system.


  • Use old version of library (not recommened)
  • Write you own library (you might have to write your own Web Socket library to since it might be the WS lib that is in the wrong)
  • Upgrade your OS.

Of the three options, upgrade your OS is the best option in my opinion

Also consider that if you are running the 32bit of windows 7, it’s not that far off hanving various other problems related to that.

Thank you.

I mean, honestly, if you’re just doing a chat bot you don’t really need a library to connect to chat.

Open a socket and start sending IRC commands. See Guide | Twitch Developers for the details on that. You don’t need a websockets library, just a normal socket that any programming language should support out-of-the-box.

If you have never used sockets before, it’ll be a great learning experience for you. And the IRC protocol is extremely basic, you just send command-lines back and forth.

To start off, try to open a socket to a chat server, and send the PASS and NICK commands, and then receive the data from the server. After that it’s a breeze.

Thank you. I already have that running. What I need the API for is seeing who’s subbed for viewer level queue management.

Subscription data is returned in the

tags → badges and tags → badgeinfo

of a chat message, so you could forgo calling the API Twitch IRC: Tags | Twitch Developers

That’s actually really useful, thank you!

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