What is possible to create?

(sorry English is not my primary language)
I have some knowledge in coding and want to create an overlay extension. But since I have no experience with twitch extensions yet, I want to ask more experienced people.

Basically I want to know what the limit of an extension is (specifically overlay).

Is there a limit of data storage for the extension files?
Can an overlay extension have several features/functions?

basically limitless

Theres a few things aginst the rules.
And you need to follow the Twitch TOS, ROC etc

See also

And other parts of the extension guide

Yes there is a limit on the size of the zip you can upload, but if get anywhere near that you probably have a problem or need a more optimal way to handle your assets


Extensions are β€œjust” websites. So you can do pretty much anything a website can do.

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So I basically just need to follow the Extension Guidelines and Policies and make my ideas come true.


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