Whisper doesn't work. Please

Hi everyone, I have a problem they can’t solve.

I can’t send whispers via irc (there is no whisper command).
I am developing in python language.

I’ve tried all kinds of commands, but the whisper doesn’t come

c.privmsg(“jtv”, “:/w user message”)
c.privmsg(“jtv”, “.w user message”)
c.send_items(“PRIVMSG jtv :/w user message”)

My purpose is simply this: when a user writes! Test, the bot responds with a whisper (a private, non-public message).

Of course I know I mustn’t abuse it

  1. turn on raw messae logging to see what the response from Twitch is
  2. Just don’t bother trying to send whispers with a bot. It just doesn’t work reliably and it’s a common problem developers have as it’s not a product designed for developers to use in their bots.

If I can have your opinion, how can I make sure that a user who !invite Test receives a message others cannot read (for example a temporary link such as an invitation to a telegram group)

Without a human sending it via whispers.

That leaves you with an extension or external portal