Whitelist Wait?


I put in a request for a whitelist on my bot in this past week, wondering how long does that sort of thing take to process lately?


It takes as long as it takes and I don’t believe you get a notification when it’s done


So the only thing to do is keep testing sending whispers every day until… who knows when?


You can use a little tool I setup to check your bot:



Once you are a “Known Bot” you are registered.


interesting! what’s the difference between known and verified?


Essentially nothing.


Is it still a thing twitch is doing? the idea that there’s no communication or feedback one way or the other, approval or denial, and if denied, why, seems pretty unproductive.


Make sure you are using this form to request a rate limit increase for IRC. I don’t think the Google form in the old thread is checked anymore.


Yes, that’s the one I used. Thanks though ^^


Good, some people have report wait times of a few week so at this point just be patient.