Why there isn't a public API to 'follow a category'?


Why can i follow / unfollow a channel on behalf of the user, but there is no official way to follow a category?

Why this button image is different from this image ?

One of them is a channel the other is a game follow button.

Ok, i get to my point.

.load("PUT", "https://api.twitch.tv/api/users/" + USER_NAME + "/follows/games/follow?name=" + gameName)

.load("DELETE", "https://api.twitch.tv/api/users/" + USER_NAME + "/follows/games/follow?name=" + gameName)

These non public endpoints were killed around last year’s November. So from my perspective i lost the ability to follow or unfollow games on behalf of the user. Which to me makes no sense. Why can i follow a channel, but god forbid to follow a category?

So… it turns out, i can follow a category even today…

Following the logic of the “Follow channel” api

.load("PUT", "https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/" + USER_ID + "/follows/channels/" + streamerID)

you can follow a category with this:

.load("PUT", "https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/" + USER_ID + "/follows/games/" + game_id)

and using the same logic of the old api, if i want to unfollow, all i have to do is use the “DELETE” header

.load("DELETE", "https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/" + USER_ID + "/follows/games/" + game_id)

but as it turns out, i shouldn’t expect this much consistency.

    "error": "Not Found",
    "status": 404,
    "message": ""

So before anyone feels the urge to tell me why i shouldn’t use non public API-s, can someone explain to me, why can i follow channels but not games? And can you fix the Delete endpoint? I’m fully aware that twitch is not using kraken for this purpose, but since we are not allowed to use gql, this would be our only option.


Using undocumented endpoints is at your own risk, so if things like the delete endpoint don’t work then you’re out of luck, you used these endpoints well aware they are not designed for you to use them so if one doesn’t work then it likely wont be made to work for you.

Should you wish to see proper support for this feature, the correct place to suggest it would be https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers and state what your justification is to need the features.