Wordpress embed

I’m really trying my best to understand how to achieve this.
I want to embed streams into my Wordpress site. Using javascript, I want to say if user online display video, if else display other user etc.
How do I do this? I’ve been reading the API and I don’t get it! I really need help, please.

Using Pure JS under Wordpress doesn’t work well.

To call the API requires a token.
And to get a token you are either a server, or you are logging the user in.

You don’t want to have to login a user just to get a Live Stream status.

So heres what I would do

  • Use EventSub to collect Stream Up/Down into wordpress options/config table.
  • Feed that to the frontend to display as needed


Then either

  • Long Poll the streams API and cache that data into options using WPCtron

  • Use a WP action callback to call the API using the token at page load time to lookup the streams you are interested in. And cache that too

  • Front end calls your Wordpress backend vai an API/Cron Style

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