Authorization denied on subscriber webhooks

Hello Twitch Community !

I have a bit of a misunderstanding on the API documentation. I can easily ask the subscription for the webhooks on the Follow, Stream and Cheer methods. Unfortunatly, everytime I ask for the subsciption for the subs, I get this from Twitch :

hub.mode -> denied
hub.reason -> unauthorized
hub.topic ->

When I check for the validation of my token, I have this :

I use a “credit:credentials” OAuth token to get connected. I do not know if this has an impact on the request.

This is very strange, because it seems that I can have my channel subs but not in the Webhook mode.

Do you have any clue where this can come from ?

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Yes, Client Credentials doesn’t represent a user.

You need a user token and you didn’t ask for the subscriptions scope.

You need a user token, with the subscriptions scope applied to it.

Errr, there is no cheer webhook topic…

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