Bot dont get incomming messages after x minutes

in that case i have seriously no more idea. might be some issue deep in some code. personally i can recommed irclib which is another irc library for java, never had any issues with that.

i dont kthink it’s the source… the example script is to simple…
with libs you can recommend?

actually i dont think so either, but i have no idea what else it could be. I personally use this one

i found the problem! So god dmn stuped…
The source is totaly fine, my internet-provider is guilti! I’ll try with an other router but dont work. After i use an other provider the script works fine… i dont know why they do it but i change always the provider so my old provider can make if he want i’ll go xD

if you want to make ad, pleace to it on your mirror and dont here :wink:

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