Cant submit for review

Hello, when i trying send extension to review, but i cant.
Everytime i getting error about

I tried again upload all asset images etc. But still nothing

Year ago, when i was creating my first extension all was good, but now… idk
Thank you so much about any help and have a nice day

try relogging on the dashboard
and then going to localtest and back to hosted -> review

it may also be a option on another tab on the details view not the view mentioned

Same issue here. Tried all the mentioned above but nothing works.

Not being able to send extensions to review is really bad. My guess is that the error message is very generic and there’s an underlying error being hidden.

Check if you have another version in review of accepted for release.
Then try relogging
Then check all the data is correct
And check that your file upload actually uplodated.