Channel Points Redemption

Hey everyone,
I have read and readed many times docs of twitch developers and search more informations and calls about api twitch. But i have problems to receive all redemption channel points.

Call Api:“broadcaster”&reward_id=“id redwards”&status=FULFILLED
But return 403 → “custom reward was created by a different client_id or channel points are not available for the broadcaster”.

I try everythink, change id rewards, change Authorization and check client_id, but return all time 403. I tried use pubsub but dont receive nothing. Can help me!?!? Thanks

As the docs, and error, both explain: Developers only have access to get and update redemptions for the rewards created programmatically by the same client_id.

So either the channel doesn’t have channel points, or the reward_id isn’t a reward that your app created.

ohhh ok … now working.
but why return this?!? I need add information in body?!?


That response would indicate no one has redeemed that custom reward.

ohhh i see error. Is not fulfilled but yes UNFULFILLED … NotLikeThis
Thanks Dist

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