Chat Bot False Verification Issue

I recently decided to make a chat bot and get it approved to help moderate a couple chats and implement a feature to allow twitch chatters to play emulated games on stream. I have submitted a request and it was approved a week later. After I received the confirmation email stating that the account now has the Verified Bot status, I have come to the realization that the account does not actually have it. The account does not have any of the benefits and another chat bot has confirmed that the account does not have the role. I was wondering who I could reach out to because I could not find the appropriate category in the regular twitch support tickets. I’m hoping to find out if this is an error on my end or twitch. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Email back on the “confirmation” email you got.

Generally the only priviledge you get is a better rate limit, (whispers just don’t work:tm:) but if you have moderator role in the channel that rate limit generally suffices.

I emailed them back on November 27th about the issue. I wasn’t sure if they reply to the email that they sent it from, so I decided to make a post here as well. If that is the case, then I will wait for their response. Just for confirmation the email is a verified twitch email, correct?

No idea. It’s been a few years since I’ve applied for chat verification since my bots generally don’t need it since they are moderators in the channels they work in.

Theres not really staff here that can help. Especially for a specific thing as this

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