ChatBot: Best practices

Hello here,

I have a chatbot that I wanna use to collect the messages from the chat for the bunch of streamers. The idea is to have enough messages to do a sentiment analysis. The bot is on ‘guest’ mode, it doesn’t take any command and it doesn’t post any message there, just listening the chat.
What I’m trying to understand how many channels I’m allowed to connect? I know about chatbot rate-limits but there is nothing about number of channels allowed to connect. Just don’t wanna break the rules. Thanks in advance for feedback.

In theory: Only the ones that you have permission to be in.

Like you, in theory, shouldn’t join and collect data from ninja’s chat without ninja’s permission.

So you should only join

That know your bot is joining.

There is no “hard limit” just what your connection/script/bot can keep up with.

See also the developer TOS on data collection - Developer Agreement

Thanks a lot informative feedback @BarryCarlyon.

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