Does Twitch has limits for connection to websocket?

I run chat bot for Twitch. When it starting it make about 3000 connection to websocket to streamers chat by one bot account. I start to getting the following errors NOTICE * :Login authentication failed when about 2000 connection was made. After a while (about 10 minutes) the remaining connections where established successfully. So my question is: does Twitch has some sort of limits for connections to chat?

Why are you making so many connections?

You are probably hitting the join limits

Or yeah with some many connections being considered for “maybe a spam bot” as thats a lot of connections

Overall the bot used by about 5000 users so when it restarted it need to make all connection back.
Should I request bot verification or you have any advice?

You should be able to cluster the channels on less connections

or rearchitecture to reduce the connection count.

Consider perhaps, creating a send and a recieve bot.

Since you don’t need a connection to be in a channel to send a message your send bot doesn’t even need to be in the channel. So doesn’t have to worry about code to handle incoming messages.

And you can cluster many small channels on a single connection. Due to low chat traffic.

I don’t think being verified will help you with your connection issue.

So you just want to group together chats onto less connections

Thank you for advice. I will try.

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