Having problems on-boarding? Post here!


@Morrell No, I haven’t been invited yet, and I’m still waiting on the email. However, I have completed the onboarding and the error I still get is that it’s in progress.

I assumed everything was OK since I got the email for being approved to the program, but should I start over? Let me know if there was something in particular that i’ve missed because it says Completed when I check that onboarding.


@Dethklok1637 In that case it’s “wait” it’s in progress still as has to be reviewed by the team. As it was the weekend and they work on PST in a lot of cases they have only really just got to work on a Monday morning


@Morrell Thanks for the update. I figured it might be something of that nature, but It’s good to get confirmation. If something else comes up, I’ll be sure to reach out.


@Dethklok1637 bare in mind I am not twitch staff and I’m answering out of experience


That’s ok. It’s a completely reasonable expectation.


I have completed the developer on boarding and have been invited to affiliate, yet i can’t start affiliate. As you can see in this image, I have been invited to affiliate https://gyazo.com/4399ac0f3944957d194de11497d0c8b3. And here is a photo showing that I am done with the developer on boarding https://gyazo.com/01861b406cf3cd36fb3ee062c6d6f16b. However, when I try to start the affiliate process I get this message https://gyazo.com/d76dcdff1cf657a99c1668969529bef2


@HEXICLE ye looks like you’re the same as dethklok and the Extension onboarding needs the final review from Twitch.


How long does that normally take? It has been 9 days…


Mine took 4 days in both affiliate and extension. I cannot however say why it’s taken longer. I can only speculate, which I won’t do.


Hmmm. So even though it is completed they have to manually review it?


@HEXICLE If you ever find the solution please let me know, I am having the same problem


I am not sure if i got an invitation via email but when i go to my achievements tab it says get started on my path to affiliate and i click that and it still says the same exact thing in the screenshot hexcile took.


For sure!


I never received an email either.


The saga continues. I’m still in the same spot and hoping something comes through today. The situation is still that I have done the onboarding for Extension Developer and received the email approving it. If I try the Get Started button, I just get that the Onboarding is in progress. I’ve checked a few times into anything I could’ve done wrong, but I can’t see at this point.

EDIT: I double checked, and the approval process happened on the 15th which should have cleared up that onboarding, but it hasn’t. My account is how locked in a state that thinks the onboarding is incomplete when it is and the approval has gone through.


I would recommend that anyone that is now encountering conflicts between starting/completing Extension Developer on-boarding, and Affiliate on-boarding reach out to Twitch Support to get their issue tracked and resolved.

Over the course of this thread there have been a number of different issues, all of which have solutions that support is now able to enact.


Ok. I’m pretty sure I reached out to them a day or two ago, and will continue to sit on it for a response. it’s just tough since there’s no other method of support than email at this point.


I have contacted twitch support and have not gotten a response in 12 days. Pretty sure they have one guy running all of twitch support.


It finally works! Hopeful you will get yours sorted out soon and don’t have to wait 12 days!


Here’s hoping!