Help with Twitch api

I am new to js and I would like to make a streamer status page (logo, name and online / offline) and I have no idea how to go about it. Could someone explain me how it should be done?

Docs start here

For stream status you are looking at

or webhooks

And you’ll need an App Access Token, generally

is there somewhere on the internet, an example of a ready page with streamer status?

Not that I know of, but this is basically just two API requests. One to get a token and one to get stream status.

Unless you are using webhooks then you just need a POST handler, and a script to make/maintain the hook.

So the next question is what language do you want to work in?


An example of getting and maintaining and App Access Token

An example of a Webhook consumer

I’ve not written an example of how to get stream status and display that on a page, as thats just a single got request using the token from the first example.

But for stream status I’ll generally use webhooks, (and I don’t provide an example of creating the topic subscription, as again, it’s just a single got request)

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