Minimal authentication workflow

Hi, I’m reading the authentication docs and trying to understand how to use it for my workflow.

I need a “Log in with Twitch” button, that redirects the user to twitch, and then twitch calls my website back with the twitch’s username of that user.

I don’t need any token to call the Twitch API or store anything. I just need twitch to tell me who is the user.

How do I do that? Do I need to register an app? get a clientId, clientSecret, etc?


And you can probably just use implict auth heres an example

You’ll get back a token to use with the API to ID the user.

Or you would use OIDC auth instead:

see this node example for an example work flow

Thanks! should I put any scopes or claims? or leave them empty if I only care about the username?

No scopes.

Select what claims you need!