Network Extensions


Does Twitch allow the ability to create an extension (panel above the video) in the form of a panel that contains numbers and a send button that, when clicked, will send the number selected by the viewer to the chat of my other channel on twitch? (without information about the sender, etc., just for example the bot sends a number to chat on another channel)


The current only integration points for Twitch Extensions are

  • Video Overlay (full over the player)
  • Video Component (a panel on the right of the video)
  • Panel (shows below the stream)

There is no “above video” integration point


yes i meant it


You said:

Which implied:

Between the player and the “channel name” (the blue line)

As apposed to “overlay the player”. hence the confusion.

So if you do mean "buttons on top of the video player:

Yes, you can do that. Both with or without User data. Depends if you use the linking a user methods or not.


Thank you, and if there are too many messages sent by this extension to the chat of my other channel, then it will not automatically be regarded as spam and, accordingly, banned?


If you use the extension send to chat API you are rate limited to 12 messages per minute.
If you use an extension to send messages to a chat bot to send to a chat channel, then normal rate limits apply and moderators of the target channel are liable to apply the channel rules as they see fit. if the bot is also a channel moderator then only a broadcaster can moderate the bot.

If your bot sending the messages exceeds the chat rate limit then it’ll get globalled for a brief period of time. Usually this only happens on a malfunction.


No this shouldn’t happen, a ban from Twitch shouldn’t happen