Organization verification mark

Hi I hope this is the right category but I want to ask about twitch and their game studio verification program I’ve been trying for months. We are a game studio and have our own twitch category and documentation to prove it we just need someone to help us with impersonating us in the future. We tried the twitch partnership and we got the go around can someone help us with our game operations. Like a twitch staff member.

We’re also a twitch registered organization

I believe you are referring to something that isn’t normally given out any more.

So not really something we/this forum can help with too much. Since it’s not normally given out any more (I’ve asked for it myself and that was the answer)

The only thing that exists in the documentation for this is the “obtain onwership of a game” as outlined here

So I’m not sure if you refer to that or something else anyway.

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